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Dr. Kayte


Hi! I'm Dr. Kayte Susse. Welcome to my website! If you have any questions please send me an email I'd love to connect!

About Dr. Kayte


Dr. Kayte Susse is a chiropractor, television host and supplement start-up founder in Los Angeles, Ca whose research is focused on recovery from chronic illness, breast implant safety, medical device safety advocacy, strategies for regeneration after chemical exposures, informed consent legislation for device safety, plastic surgery reform, metabolism of heavy metals,  and underlying causes of skin laxity and premature aging.

She founded Dr. Kayte's Formulas after suffering from chronic mystery illness which greatly improved after breast implant removal in an effort to help others manage their own silicone concerns. Her flagship formula, Silicone Implant Support, is designed to provide solutions to people who want to live healthy with silicone implants. 


Dr. Kayte has extensive background in both allopathic and natural health, completing 1000+ additional hours of training in functional medicine, nutrition, immunology and epigenetics. She has worked in both holistic and allopathic clinics and in the private sector as a clinician educator and speaker. She has also interviewed dozens of leading medical experts for Focus TV network, Evertalk Televison Network and Amazon Live/Sway TV.

Dr. Kayte became interested in studying pathophysiology through her own battle with misdiagnosed illness. Despite her active lifestyle and athletic background as an All-American high school and collegiate wrestler, Dr. Kayte began suffering from a sudden onset of systemic health issues that perplexed both the allopathic medical community as well as several alternative medicine doctors. This led her to chiropractic school and then functional and regenerative medicine, where she was able to discern the root cause of the problem as toxicity due to breast implants and mercury amalgams.


Inspired to help others facing similar predicaments largely unacknowledged by the traditional medical community, Dr. Kayte began her journey into the world of natural health, working to understand the long-term implications of these exposures to the function of bodily systems and overall vitality. Her work is changing the course of the way we look at mitochondrial assaults from the environment, man-made drugs, and pharmaceutical devices.

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