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The Golden Secrets Tv Show 

In this one on one filmed interview with host Jesse Golden, I spoke for the first time about my journey with breast implant illness and my early work in private practice.


Good Morning La La Land

During this interview we talked about Breast Implant Illness, the FDA, my view on when botox is needed, fillers, water fasting and more. 


Bloom Summit Beauty Panel 

During the 2019 Bloom Summit hosted by @BEAUTYMOMME I had the pleasure of moderating the beauty panel with beauty blogger Katelyn Anasari and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour. 


50 Ways to Women's Wellness 

As a featured speaker for this incredible summit I was able to talk with Tammy Stewart about breast implant illness and women's health topics related to toxicity. 




In this article written by journalist Jamie Duncan we discuss the topic of breast implant safety and explant. 


Thyroid Answers Podcast 

Discussing the link between chemicals in breast implants and hypothyroid function, from autoimmune thyroid to subclinical fatigue and metabolism issues. 


Ask Women Podcast

How Porn Affects Your Dating Life:

"Dr. Kayte breaks down what is healthy and what is not so healthy when it comes to porn. As well as what is REAL in porn and what is done entirely for cameras that should never practiced in real life."


The Sisterhood Of Sweat Podcast

"Do you have breast implants?  Have you been considering them? In this episode we dive into the potential risks and dangers of breast implants, as well as signs to look for. We discuss loving yourself the way you are, and finding happiness in being the happiest, healthiest version of you without going under the knife."


The Sacred Medicine Podcast 

The dangers of Breast implants:" I have an amazing interview today with Dr. Kayte Susse. She has had a remarkable journey since having breast implants. In this episode she shares her story of how how breast implants wreaked havoc on her body and shares what she knows about breast implant illness education and recovery."


Doctors Health Press

Episode 008:" Could Your Breast Implants Be The Cause Of Your Health Problems? Many women who have breast implants are unaware of the dangerous heavy metals that could be leaking into their bodies. These heavy metals could be the root cause of many health problems, and doctors seem to be overlooking this cause. If you have breast implants and are suffering from, or have been diagnosed with an illness, you need to listen to this podcast!​"

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Cellular Healing Tv

In this Interview with Dr. Dan Pompa we get into metal toxicity and breast  implants, amalgams, detox, genetics, autoimmunity and more. 

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