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Fast Track Recovery with Expert Insights



***Due to changes in Dr. Kayte's platform this service is now limited to a few slots per month, please email for availability and scheduling.*** 


This service is dedicated to women who are in all stages of explant, practitioners and health care providers who are struggling with their post explant patient who still has symptoms, and often family member's of people with chronic illness who need an outside perspective. This service is also utilized by those seeking to optimize other aspects of health who are in need of resources.

This is an education and supportive platform not medical advice or a substitute for your current medical provider.

Dr. Kayte charges for her time during this service but also provides discounted and complementary counseling to those in financial need please inquire.  

Pre and Post Explant Counselling for Women and Families 

Topics often discussed  but not limited to:

-Resources for Explant surgeons, functional medicine doctors, practitioners 

-Surgeon screening questions 

-Review of your history and symptoms 

-Understanding lab tests and protocols/education based

-How to talk to your medical doctor to get the right tests

-Understanding implant warranty and ruptures  

-Timeline of health issues 

-Thinking about the role your implants play in your health

-Information about device history and formulations 

-Pain management techniques and symptom management techniques 

-Creating a plan to move forward with your life

-Empowerment and meditation techniques for symptom management/resources

-Mind Body Spirit approach to healing

-Addressing Mercury Amalgams/ Safe Removal Options 

Breast Implant Illness Consulting for Doctors and Health Practitioners  

-Why your breast implant illness patient doesn't feel better after explant

-How to determine mercury history in your patient 

-everything you ever wanted to know about heavy metal testing and chelation 

-What not to give patients before explant to prevent heavy metal redistribution and feeling worse 

-Understanding proper explant protocol 

-Resources for surgeons in your area 

-pre explant supplement protocols 

-Silicone history and ingredients and FDA complications fact sheet

-Manifestation of illness variation from silicone, textured silicone and saline

-Autoimmunity and Breast Implants

-Alternating chelation and Gi cleansing for optimal patient outcomes

-Understanding toxicity and leaky gut


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